Parking at the Whiteaker Block Party is limited. We encourage you to consider some of these alternative transportation methods:

PeaceHealth Rides

PeaceHealth Rides, Eugene’s new bike share system, offers a healthy, convenient, and fun way to explore your community! A network of 300 bicycles and 35 stations is available for users to pick up an drop off publicly available bicycles for one-way trips across the city. To get riding, download the app or visit our website
Whiteaker Block Party:
  • PeaceHealth Rides makes it easy to get to the Whiteaker Block Party!
  • There are four bike share hubs in the Whiteaker Neighorbood for convenient parking of bike share bikes.
  • As a celebration of the event, we’re offering the promo code BlockParty19 for a free hour of ride credit.



Routes 40 and 52 will not serve any of the bus stops on Blair Blvd between 5th and 2nd Avenues nor the bus stop on 2nd Avenue west of Blair Blvd. For continued service, use the bus stops on 5th Avenue east of Blair Blvd., or the bus stops on 2nd Avenue between Chambers and Polk Streets. Other routes that will go near the block party are the 51 and the EmX.